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French For Kids Article

Sucking Cock For Carla Part 1

Sucking Cock for Carla

By - Nov 5, 2010 - From gay-erotic- stories. Gay erotic stories - Views - 32897 I have always considered myself heterosexual, although I have been bi-curious for many years I have never had a sexual experience with a man until last summer.
To help ends meet we have taken in foreign students over the last few years. The money is good and the students are usually no trouble as they are out studying during the day and either go out or stay in their rooms at night.
Last summer we had a beautiful 30-year Old Italian woman called Carla come to stay for three months. She was absolutely stunning and reminded me of Sophia Loren in her prime. A week later Stephan arrived from France. He was black, about six-foot, muscular, toned and very good-looking. My wife thought he was gorgeous and although I was more interested in Carla I had to admit he was pretty fit.
A lot of my gay fantasies involve black men. The funny thing is that I never fancy guys and can’t imagine kissing one, but for some reason I get incredibly turned on at the thought of sucking a cock. So I had a few thoughts about how big his cock might be and how fantastic it would be to suck it until he came in my mouth. I knew it would never happen as it hadn’t ever happened before and I always thought if it really came down to it I would be too scared anyway and chicken out. So my cock sucking has remained my secret fantasy all my life and not even my wife knows about it.
But it is women I really like so I always loved having them to stay especially if they are young and sexy looking. My wife and kids are out during the day and I work from home so I spend most of my day walking around the house naked feeling incredibly horny thinking about being caught by one of the girls if they should come home early.
I also love dressing up in their underwear and as I am slim, unless the girl is very small I can usually fit into some of her stockings and panties, crotchless ones are my favourite and the most com comfortable fit, for obvious reasons. So most days if I get the opportunity I will go into their room and find their soiled panties and lie on the bed and wank while I sniff her womanly scent.
It was on one of these days my life changed forever.
I had just had my shower and shaved my cock and balls smooth. I love the feeling of being totally smooth there, it makes me feel more vulnerable and naked. I went into Carla’s room and put on some of her black sheer stockings and some sexy black crotchless panties. I also put on a black silk blindfold as I lay on her bed. I love lying there, totally exposed wearing the students underwear and being blindfolded makes it more exciting as I know if they did turn up and saw me like that they might watch a while as I couldn’t see them.
It is the excitement of being caught that I love, but I have always known if I was caught I would be mortified, embarrassed, humiliated and terrified of her telling my wife.
So there I was blindfolded and dressed like a slut, sniffing Carla’s panties and moaning as I wanked my 7 inch cut cock. I was in heaven as I shot my load, catching most of it in my hand and then putting it in my mouth. That was where my gay fantasies would kick in and I would imagine I had just sucked a guy and swallowed his sperm. I sat up and pulled off the blindfold. To my horror Carla was standing there pointing her phone camera at me.
It was everything I had imagined I was mortified, embarrassed, humiliated and terrified. I mumbled apologies and said I was very sorry as I covered myself with her pillow. Carla just smiled and said "it’s ok, boys will be boys" I apologised again and left clutching her pillow to my cock.
I went and cleaned up and got dressed. So many thoughts were running through my head. There was the sheer thrill of being seen like that by Carla, and the fear she would say something to my wife Sue. She had her phone out, did she take a picture of me? I thought probably not as I hadn’t heard the flash go off. Then I wondered how long she had been there? Oh my god I thought, she might have seen me eating my own cum – how embarrassing.
Anyway I decided there wasn’t anything I could do, and Carla had seemed ok about it so maybe I had got away with it. During dinner Carla acted as if nothing had happened so things were looking good. I cleared up as my wife always went out with her friends on a Thursday night. Then settled down to watch a film on telly.
At about 10.00pm Carla came in and said she wanted to show me something on her laptop. I followed her up the stairs to her room admiring her firm butt as she went ahead of me. I could feel my cock hardening as I imagined her walking up the stairs naked. Once in her room Carla closed the door and patted the bed for me to sit down. She sat next to me and put her laptop on her knee. She said, "Look" as she pointed to the screen, she pressed a button and a video started to play.
I froze in horror as I watched myself dressed in her underwear, writhing on her bed. I’m sure I went bright red as I watched myself cum in my hand and eat it. Carla had managed to zoom in for that bit too. "I think you should delete that Carla, I don’t want that video around". Carla said, "I’m not going to delete it Tony, and I already have a copy of it safe". I begged her not to let my wife see it. "Don’t worry Tony, if you do what I say she will not need to see it". I asked what she wanted me to do and she told me that she would let me know in the morning.
I left her room and went back downstairs, shit I couldn’t believe it, she had a bloody video, what the hell did she want from me?
The next morning soon after my wife had left to drop the kids at school and go to work Carla came into the kitchen. "Hi Tony, here are some stockings and sexy pants for you. I want you to wear them and nothing else and come to my room at one this afternoon, ok?" I replied ok, but it was far from ok with me. What the hell was she up to? The tape really worried me so I knew I would have to do as she said.
1pm came too soon for me, but there I was knocking on her door wearing her crotchless panties and stockings and a huge hard on pointing up my stomach.
She opened the door and said "Hi Tony come in, you sure look cute dressed like that and I love your cock. I said thanks and she told me to sit on the edge of the bed.
Then she started to put the blindfold on me while talking to me. "If you do exactly what I ask Tony you don’t need to worry about the tape, and anyway I’m sure you are going to love this". "Love what?" I replied. "You will see soon" Carla laughed.
I felt her putting something around my neck with something hanging over my chest. It felt strange, string with paper or cardboard on? I couldn’t think what it was and she just laughed when I asked. She put some music on and then sat next to me on the bed. She started to rub my lips with her fingers and then pushed a couple into my mouth. "Open wide Tony, does that feel nice? Imagine it is a cock you are sucking". "I’m not fucking gay" I replied. "Are you sure Tony? I saw you eating your cum and you looked like you loved it". I told her that was different.
She continued to probe my mouth with her fingers, slowly pushing them in and out like it was a cock fucking my mouth. She slid her wet fingers out but I kept my mouth open as I was starting to like it and my cock was twitching. And I thought, maybe I would get a blowjob out of this. I felt something re enter my mouth, but it felt different, softer, and it smelt different. It felt velvety smooth and large and hard. As I gently sucked on it I suddenly realised I was sucking a man’s cock.
I tried to push it away and I felt strong hands on my head holding me down, I heard Carla and Stephan laugh. "Didn’t you guess that Stephan was gay Tony? I thought you might have wondered why he hadn’t made a move on me. Anyway I told Stephan you loved the taste of cum and you would be up for this, so enjoy it and suck him until he comes.
Fuck, I couldn’t believe this. Here I was dressed like a slut, blindfolded and sucking on a very large black cock while a gorgeous Italian woman watched me. My feelings of anger, fear and humiliation evaporated when I realised just how much I was enjoying having this black cock fucking my mouth. I started to moan as I licked up and down his long hard shaft, playing with his balls and sucking one then the other in my mouth. His cock smelt lovely, and it tasted sweet as he leaked his pre cum into my mouth. I held him by his tight butt, loving the feel of his muscular buttocks as I pulled him towards me and deeper into my mouth.
I sucked more urgently as I was feeling desperate to taste his cum. Soon he was shouting out that he was going to come soon. I felt the blindfold being removed and the light blinded me for a minute. Then I saw Stephan’s huge beautiful cock for the first time. It was at least 9 inches long, thick and heavily veined. I hungrily gobbled his thick meat as he shouted out, "I’m cumming oh yeah". I sucked hard as the first spurt hit the back of my throat and took me by surprise. I pulled it out fast and his next spurt covered my face and lips. He pushed it back into my mouth and I took the last 4 or 5 spurts and swallowed it to avoid choking. I was in ecstasy as I cleaned up his cock, squeezing it to get the last few drops of his cum. It was then I remembered Carla and looked up to see her pointing her phone at me again.
"Look at you Tony, with Stephan’s cum all over your face. Did you enjoy it?" I told her that I had liked it. "Good because you will be doing a lot more of that over the next few months". I said I wouldn’t do it again it was just a once off. "I don’t think so Tony, remember the tape, and now we have a new one". She was busy removing the thing around my neck. It was a large piece of card with I LOVE SUCKING COCK and my home phone number written on it. Great I thought, I seemed to be digging myself into a deeper hole now she had an even more compromising video of me.
"You suck cock good Tony" said Stephan, "You sure you haven’t done it before?" "No" I replied. Stephan then got down on his knees and took my limp cock into his mouth. His mouth felt warm and wet as he expertly worked on my cock. Soon I was hard and moaning with pleasure as he bobbed his head up and down my rigid shaft.
Carla was filming it and talking all the time. "You love that don’t you Tony? You look such a slut Tony with cum over your face, I bet Sue would be shocked to see you like that. Mmmmm cock sucking slut Tony, I’m sure Stephan is going to love emptying his big balls into your mouth a lot more over the next 3 months."
At that moment I just didn’t care as I felt my orgasm approaching. I shouted out that I was coming and Stephan pumped my cock furiously until I started shooting into his mouth. He drained me com completely and spent a while licking all around my balls and licking my cock dry. I can honestly say it was the best blowjob that I have ever had.
Carla said "Ok Tony you can go now but I want you here dressed as you are now at this time next week, ok?" I said ok and left to get cleaned up. I felt so dirty but so horny too. I had to admit I loved sucking my first cock but was still worried about the videos. I told myself not to worry about it and if it stayed like this I would be happy to suck his cock every week, I just didn’t want anyone else to know about it.
As I showered I felt excited and looking forward to the next time I could suck Stephan’s lovely big black cock. Please let me know if you would like to know what happened next.

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